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I speak web and computer-eze - and plain English with you.
If your website is: looking good secure and safe maintained well but still not ranking high on Google !? .... You need to know why your website is not on top of Google! There are hundreds of different factors that come into play. Some are important, others downright crucial, and some others have less weight but still do add up. It feels like you need a Ph.D. to try to figure it all out, and Google is regularly changing the way they rank websites. One thing is crystal clear: Each website is unique and needs to be looked at by an experienced web business expert to be able to grow to the top.
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I create customized SEO Top 10 Optimizer Reports.
My report highlights clearly how and what to fix or improve what is needed to rank higher. It tells you what exactly you have to do to get a top 10 ranking for a particular keyword and a particular search engine. Additionally, it compare your top 10 competitors, and shows exactly what they are doing right (or wrong) and, more importantly: what you can do to beat the competition. This 60+ page guide shows you 33 of the most important factors that search engines look for when they rank your website. Specifically for your website. Please note: This is a custom prepared document you can use immediately to start growing your business.   Total cost of the setup, preparation and delivery of the report for a specific search term: $189 Delivery is usually done within 48 hours, depending on the amount of reports and evaluations I need to do.
Rank higher on Google = better business. Simple as that.
I do not... ... charge big dollars for easy work anyone can do. ... talk in complicated words trying to impress or confuse you. ... take over your website and control what is your business.
Instead, I do... ... show you easy things you can do yourself. ... explain with clear examples to illustrate how things work. ... empower you to make changes that help you understand and grow.
This report covers the most important 33 factors in  60-65 pages.
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